Coronavirus Updates & Resources for Campus Recreation

Concussion protocols at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

The NIRSA Concussion Advisory Council has been working to develop a series concussion-focused resources, including case studies to give our campus recreation colleagues from across North America some insight into various approaches to implementing concussion

Concussion protocols at University of Maryland’s Recreation and Wellness

My fellow NIRSA Concussion Advisory Council members Jason Linsenmeyer, Assistant Director of Recreation Programs at Oklahoma State University, and Larry Mellinger, Director of Campus Recreation & Wellness at Elon University, recently shared information about the

Strong partnerships are key to strong concussion management protocols

When it comes to developing and implementing an effective concussion management protocol, there’s no way to do it alone. Whether you have a team of certified athletic trainers or you’re working with undergraduate student employees,

NIRSA’s Concussion Advisory Council launches concussion survey

Concussions and the risk of experiencing a concussion continue to receive scrutiny at both the professional and amateur levels of sports participation. Numerous stories of untimely and completely preventable deaths resulting from multiple traumatic brain

NIRSA’s Concussion Advisory Council gets to work

Through NIRSA’s partnership with Ian McGregor & Associates and their SportRisk newsletter, NIRSA has learned that a large insurance company is indicating they will exclude ‘head trauma’ from liability coverage for Canadian higher education institutions