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Passing of Gary Colberg

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Passing of Gary Colberg

UC Davis Collegiate Recreation and Volleyball Officiating leader Gary Colberg has passed away By Brian Smith, Competitive Sports Program Director at UCLA and Region VI Representative on the NIRSA Member Network It is with sadness [...]

July 20, 2016|Categories: Region VI Exclusive|

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Lights, camera, action: Help NIRSA capture the buzz of NIRSA 2017

The team at NIRSA HQ is super excited to connect again with the NIRSA family in National Harbor in just a few short days! This year, we’re hoping to capture the inspiration, fun, and excitement

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Campus recreation is a valuable partner on campus and beyond

As 2016 came to a close so too did my term as Chair of the CHEMA Steering Committee. Reflecting, I was struck by how far NIRSA and campus recreation have come in strengthening our external

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UREC at the University of Arkansas celebrates Love Yourself Week

This past Valentine’s Day week, students at the University of Arkansas had the opportunity to participate in a variety of healthy and mindful activities designed to remind everyone in the UA community to love and

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You can now get your hands on the gear NIRSA staff wears at conference

“Where can I get one of those?” It’s a question NIRSA Headquarters staff members—smartly dressed in cool NIRSA gear—are used to hearing every year at the NIRSA Annual Conference & Campus Rec and Wellness Expo.

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Breaking news: a concussions roundtable will be part of the program

NIRSA is excited to announce a late addition to the NIRSA 2017 Annual Conference program! Attendees will now have an opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion about concussions.
As mentioned in a recent article with

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